My Headset Is Spying On Me? I Want To Stop It!

Woman with Bluetooth headset

In the nearest future I wish to purchase some nice headset for personal usage and utilize it as my own cool and modern hands-free communication gadget yet there is one thing that I am worrying about. I have heard that Sony wishes to make their headsets to be able to determine owner’s coordinates and have other location finding features, so I guess other headset producers will probably make the same changes into their headsets to the end that rivals Sony. So I browsed the internet and found Jammer Store Wiki where my worries have found the solution.


You are dead right about those headsets! Sony has patented new type of communication gadgets. It will be comprised of the cordless communication gadget you have always utilized (like mobile telephone or smartphone) along with headset you are willing to get. Both gadgets will connect with each other to the end that awards you with an absolutely fresh quality from Sony.


The quality I am discussing is that your future headset will define the direction you are eyeing. Utilizing the GPS information gained from your smartphone including the direction information transmitted from your modern headset this cordless combination will foretell the spot you are moving to. So I may comprehend why you are prepared to avoid this from happening in the nearest future.


I suppose that it’s totally pointless to tell you to stop thinking about buying cordless headset, thus I will probably say you other things. To get and use the headset that would not track you, you can jam headset-based navigation pointer to avoid it from foretelling your direction and particular location you are going to visit.


This is a nice example of how cares about their customers and tries to implement the idea of the privacy protection and absolute freedom for all people of the world.


Watch the video on how GPS tracking can be blocked: